Karamu Coffee | What We Do
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Karamu took root on Eastbourne’s beautiful Point Howard wharf, back in 2007. The maritime air, the bush-clad eastern hills and great Wellington people make it the perfect place for the Karamu Roastery and HQ.

From the beginning we’ve been about making fine coffee, and helping great cafés grow.

We’re passionate about this – and we know that for cafe owners, it’s the essentials that matter. Karamu has been ticking all the boxes for cafés for seven years – and going strong.

Damn Fine Coffee


Karamu coffee is consistently smooth, rich and delicious – and it feels as good as it tastes.

We look after the environment, and everyone involved in producing our coffee – from the people who grow and pick the beans, to the barista who hands you your cup.

Fair Trade and Organic


People work hard to produce beautiful coffee for us to enjoy, and it’s only fair that their work is rewarded.

We think it’s high time the coffee industry properly acknowledged the people and the natural resources that go into great espresso, so we’re leading by example.

Every Karamu coffee bean is fully certified Fair Trade Organic – and we support a raft of great charities here at home.

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Environmentally Sound


We’re working to leave the smallest possible footprint on our environment, and supporting our customers to do so too.

Our Diedrich hot-air roasting machine is top in environmental performance and our takeaway cups and packaging are fully biodegradable.

We support and encourage our customer cafés to operate sustainably through the Conscious Consumers programme.

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Relationships To Rely On


The Karamu team has decades of experience on both sides of the counter. We love the trade and know its joys and frustrations inside out.

Whether you’re just starting out, or want to invigorate an existing business, we’ve got all the angles covered – from beans, to barista training, to business advice.

With Karamu, you know you have professional and experienced support.

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