Karamu Coffee | Talk to us
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Karamu are a bunch of down-to-earth, professional people who get a kick out of helping people run the best cafes, with the best coffee.

We’ve a brace of successful hospitality ventures to our names, and a finger on the pulse of the dynamic café and coffee industry.

Wherever you’re at, and whatever you’re interested in, we’d love to hear from you.

Karamu Espresso HQ,
Point Howard Wharf,
2 Marine Drive,
Point Howard

[email protected]

Karamu Business Development
021 804 900

Karamu Sales and Relationship Management
021 501 498

Green Land (Karamu home/flagship café)
021 044 3335

Karamu roaster
Punch (Karamu home/flagship café)
021 135 9133

Christine Hodge
Karamu Sales & Relationship Management